Saturday, May 29, 2010

DOTD: Lacey Review

In my previous post, you saw a sneak peek of an entirely new outfit that I wore pre/post Fashion Show. The pieces were comfortable but trendy enough to cause even some older fans to pull me aside and question me about my taste. This is my first review so please bear with me as try to describe how the items in detail.

First, I have on a tank from Faith21. Its soft cotton and it feels great against the skin. The lace trim makes it really fun and funky and versatile. It’s long but not long enough to wear with my all lace leggings but it worked well with my lace panel leggings. I feel that it would be a great wear to have use on a day when all I want is a pair of jeans and a tank, but I still want to look nice. Also, I feel like a lace blazer would really take this up a notch.

The leggings I am sporting were provided from the great folks at Yours Clothing. I wanted to try their jeggings for a while and I wore a pair recently in another post. I was equally excited to try their leggings and was not disappointed. They are really soft and they have a high enough waist so that they stay in place (which is important for me as I have the “mommy” pooch). The lace panel makes them more fun and rebellious and I got many people asking me where I purchased them and I was happy to send more business their way. I am really starting to look at Yours Clothing as having the best selection of plus size leggings. If you want to add to your collection something more than the basic leggings, I would check their website.

The lace shoes are amazing, I wasn’t intending to purchase them but every time I passed them in the store, I could actually hear them saying my name. They are super comfortable, and maybe after wearing them one night, I wish I had gotten them in a size 10 as opposed to the 11, but it doesn’t change the love I have for them. I’ll probably purchase some no slip discs for the shoes and wish for the best. As for where they were purchased… my usual spot… Off Broadway Shoes (of Arundel Mills) and the designer is Kate Preston.

All in all I picked the best outfit to be comfortable while wearing something that would be easy to get in and out of without much trouble. I also liked how it was comfortable but great and chic at the same time.

Outfit Breakdown:
Lace Tank: Faith21
Lace Panel Leggings: Yours Clothing
Lace Stilettos: Kate Preston (Off Broadway Shoes)

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