Sunday, May 02, 2010

DOTN: No longer HOLED up in the house

So I didn't leave my house all day yesterday... welll until late in the evening. I couldn't take another day being in the house... or being in this darn boot. So I decided a night out drinking was what was in order. I went alone, and had a blast. Met a waitress and she and I tripped out while I had this silly men buy my patron shots. It was better than any physcial therapy or better than any "anti-depression" pill. I felt really pretty. When I think about how much this outfit came too... I makes this even move worth it.
I also have to mention that the leggings that I am wearing were soooo super comfortable. And the cutout wasn't too much, in my opinion. I wouldn't wear it out to run errands, but it worked for the extra bit of sexiness I wanted for a night out.

Also, in light of the education I received from other bloggers about the possibility of someone reusing my pictures, I decided that I would take the advice of The Curvy Coach and watermark my pictures and make them less copy friendly. If you ever want to use a picture for a trend article or anything else, let me know. I don't mind sharing, just don't want someone to use my image without my knowledge or in the case of Payless & Chictopia... for their own financial gain... What do you think of the collage method?

Outfit Breakdown:
Gray Dress/Tunic: Target (under $15 on clearance)
Cutout Edge Leggings: Faith21 ($10)
Gray Wedges: Payless ($20 or so)
Necklace: Vibrant Artwear ($2)
Earrings: Beauty Supply  ($2)
Ring: Torrid ($7)

Estimated Total Cost of Outfit: $56
What do you think?



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