Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lo Quiero Ahora: Polka Dot Shopping Bag

With my hiatus meant a few of my normal posts have been lacking. Things will continue to pick up and I will return to my usual amount of blogging and outfit posting. During my sabbatical I have been scrolling through the sites for things that I like. Motivated by my article about Polka Dots... I couldn't seem to get enough of surfing the net for greater polka dot finds, I decided to save my favorites for my blog. Here is what I would love to see in my closet sometime soon. I am not financially able, but a Diva can dream.

Super love this dress, its this great shade of yellow that will look amazing against my skin. Also, will be super girly no matter what I have planned for the day.

Multi Spot Print Skirt (Dorothy Perkins)
With my great love for color, I am so in love with this skirt. Its just that perfect piece you could wear with just about any color shirt or shoes. A little afraid of white but for this skirt I will make an exception.

My husband took one look at this top and said... I like it in pink and black. I have to admit, I wouldn't mind both versions in my closet either.

Faith21 rarely let's me down. I love this look. So much so that I can't wait to use this as a top as opposed to using it as a skirt. The lavender is one of the few colors I don't have in my closet and would love to add.

It's Raining Flowers Dress (Curvalicious Clothes)
This isn't exactly a traditional polka dot look, but how can you not love a dress that has the dots rain down into the flowers. Not to mention the number colors in this dress... this is the PERFECT dress for me.

I love spring but have a love/hate relationship with summer. But this top is perfect for allowing my shoulders to catch the occasional breeze, but still allow me to look so very very trendy... Have I mentioned how much I love the strapless look?

Found this site today completely by accident. But I am not upset about the finds I have found there. It was as though this site found me. And this dress... must be mine... I mean how good would I look in this dress? I know... AWESOME!!!

I don't want to say I saved the best for last, but I really really love the blue of this dress. I think I actually gasped when I found it. Its like that great piece you can make look different each time you wear it. Oh the ideas.

Aren't these looks great? Do you have a look you prefer over another? Do you have links to some great polka dot looks? I await your comments...

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