Thursday, May 13, 2010

Supporting My Divas: Blogging Advocation

Here is your favorite weekly feature... where I support other beautiful divas across the bloggosphere. So from here on out... I am changing this feature *gasp* But I hope you will think like I do that the changes are for the better.

I will list 5 blogs that I have found or that found me... and then below the 5 blogs that I list, I will have a linkytool where you can add posts of blogs that you liked throughout the week. Doesn't have to be only fatshon blogs. It can be any blogs that you feel should be shared. I hope you will like this as I do.

Now to begin:
Philly from Phasionetics is a sweet friend I met a few weeks ago on Twitter and then to top it off she won my Sephora giveaway (which I sent to her today). She is new to blogging so I can't really say I know the concept of what her blog will be, I can only say... I have every believe... she will be great. Follow her and find out what she is offering to out community.

Em. X. from Oh, The Places You'll Go! is my new bloggie crush. She is adorable and it does't hurt that she is boobilicious (as am I) and therefore we have that in common. I love her blog because she keeps me updated of a lot of fatshion (& fashion) news. I am not always good about keeping up to date on all the articles but I know that if I swing by her blog weekly I won't be completely out of the loop. Also, she is another of my new twitter friends... love her and follow her!!

C from Loving the Reflection is a new blog I found from another blog (I believe) but I knew she and I were destinted to be connected when her first blog post ever is about Sara Rue and her joining Jenny Craig. If like minds connect and you add fashion... what will happen in the universe? Only great things... Check her out... her OOTDs are adorable but casual... I think alot of you will relate with her.

Linda from the blog Lovin' Linda is amazing. She is from Tennessee and even admidst all that flooding and weather chaos, she is still looking fabulous... my current favorites are her stepping out of her comfort zone and trying leopard print, and her most current OOTD. She is super cute and just fatshionable... period... She is in need of new followers... so that is you... right?

At Fatshionably Chubby I instantly fell in love. Not only is she super trendy and cute... but she also has an ebay store where she sells super trendy and cute clothes... HELLO... threat... just kidding. She is so gorgeous and although I do get the feeling she isn't completely embracing her fatshionable gorgeous-ness... I think she needs to hear from some of my fans just how gorgeous and awesome she she is... so follow her and maybe leave a comment on her photoshoot pics post letting her know how much she "has it goin on"

Before I close this supporting diva post... here is an unscheduled link... I would like to take a moment to celebrate Weesha's World. I am celebrating her page because as I try to grow my blog and I check how many hits I get from various referrals from other sites... I found that she is the TOP blogger that sends referrals my way... and for that, I would like to thank her. So although she is not hurting for followers... just follow her and send some traffic her way... because she is super sweet and deserves it.

Now below... feel free to link my followers to blog posts you think deserve a little attention this week. THANKS for supporting the above ladies... and thanks for supporting me. I can never tell you all enough how much your support and comments mean to me!!!

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