Friday, May 06, 2011

Amelia: A Dress for Ladies Who Brunch…

The name of the dress is Amelia and while I wore this dress, I felt like all I needed was a Mother’s Day Brunch to make the look complete.

The original look I really wanted to achieve didn’t happen because the pieces didn’t cooperate (such as the flower & belt), but I feel like the dress speaks for it self. Lucie Lu sent me this dress to review and they have such great items that it was hard to wait for it to be uploaded to the website before I could wear it. The top is made of a t-shirt material that is soft and comfortable against the skin. The bottom of the dress is lace with a black underskirt (not sure of the fabric but it is also soft and breathable). So here is the “official” review…


    1. The bottom is made of lace (LACE people!!!). If you’ve been to my blog more than once, you know how I feel about lace. It’s like the fabric of my life (not cotton).
    2. It’s silver/gray/black. Which makes it great base to do anything with. It means I can add any shoe, blazer/sweater, or flower and still the outfit is amazing.
    3. The shoulder applique makes takes it up a notch and keeps it from being boring and gives you something to offset the lace.


    1. Ummmm…. thinking…. ummm… oh… due to my unexpected weight loss, it’s a size too big.

Shoes: Steve Madden ; Ring: Torrid ; Earrings: Beauty Supply

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