Friday, May 13, 2011

City Chic Review: Sequin Paisley Goddess

Okay, have you noticed that when a woman wears a maxi dress that she has a particular walk that is at the least very hypnotic to watch. I say that because I found people looking at me a lot today and I don’t think it was me… I think it was the dress. I find myself watching other women walk in their maxi dresses. Their posture is straight and elongated. And the stride is like watching a goddess walk among her subjects.

This dress is the longest maxi dress I own. I spent a great deal of the day holding this up so it wouldn’t… well… get filthy… but I felt like royalty in this dress.


  1. The pattern: It’s black & white paisley. I have no idea why I don’t have more of this in my closet. But this pattern is sophisticated and fun.
  2. The bust area is one of the few of this design that fits without me needing some crazy rigging system to keep me from having to pull it up every 15 minutes or so. I think I pulled this dress up twice… all day.
  3. The sequins makes this dress perfect to dress up or to dress down. I feel like if I wanted to wear it to a wedding I could… but would feel equally comfortable wearing it to a bar-b-que.
  4. The length: I love how long this dress is but that it is also a con because…


  1. The length: it is super long… and I need to wear this with heels… and today… I certainly did not want to wear heels or wedges or anything. So with this dress I am going to have to put up a little bit of an effort. Which is not really a con… but I know the length thing is up & down when it comes to maxi dresses.
  2. It only comes in one color



When City Chic sent this dress to me… they wanted me to share it with my readers. If you want this dress and need to have it in your wardrobe… go to City Chic and add this dress to your cart and use the coupon code: diva for 10% off this dress. This code expires May 31st


Jacket: Ashley Stewart ; Bag: Gifted ; Flower: Dots ; Shoes: Payless

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