Friday, May 27, 2011

DOTD: Rollercoaster Rides Make Me Nauseous

Yesterday was too much. I made some connections so that I can have a place to stay for FFFWeek. And I found out that I should be able to pull this off financially. I was finally feeling much better about the trip. Some other goods news was received so my good mood was just sailing along. Also, I was fashionally (yes that is another of my made up words) fabulous yesterday.

Then, I got an email from my son’s school. And because of that I sent him a text message letting him know he would be grounded when he got home. I told him that there would be a note on our dry-erase board for him when he got home (yes… I’m one of THOSE moms). The note pretty much indicated that he was grounded, couldn’t have company, and his PlayStation 3 was in my truck.. with me.

Then something drama happened and it included the police getting called because my son tried to attack me.  My husband said that if he had been here it would have gone off differently. I said if he had been here he would be in jail and it would have been more drama then it was already. Not to mention, how is he going to say he would have protected me when he drinks like a fish and is stressing me out more than my son? I feel like the men in my family are trying to make me crazy. I feel like they are trying to see how much they can push me before I fall off the edge. I know you may think this is a bit much to disclose on my blog… but this was traumatic for me. My son has ADHD and his actions are questionable… but NEVER like this. I wanted to ask my readers if they have kids with ADHD, or if any of you work in the behavioral field and have information on any ADHD medications and therapies that may work better than what he is currently doing? I want my son back. He will continue to go to church with me, he will remain medicated, and he will see someone to talk out his frustrations. But anything additional that you know of would be greatly appreciated.

After all of the drama… I went to bed. I was worn out and stressed out and just sick. I didn’t eat dinner because my stomach was a bubbly mess.  We’re fine today… but he had an incident in school and got suspended this morning. So I really know now that he needs serious help.

How could a day start off so good and then end so terribly wrong? My son is now feeling better. He said he’s getting bullied and he took it out on the wrong person… me. I love him and I know he loves me. Yesterday was one of the worst of his life and mine. So today… I wanted to start it off nice and let it continue in a good way… And now that it is later in the afternoon… things are really looking… better.

The LORD is good,
   a refuge in times of trouble.
He cares for those who trust in him  Nahum 1:7 (NIV)

Now onto the fashion… I love this dress… wore it’s twin HERE. This one was longer than I remember… lol… but comfortable just the same. Thought it would be fun with this vest… and I finally got to wear these shoes for the second time. YAY!! What do you think of this outfit? Do you think the vest is too much? What fashion will be included in your 3 day Memorial Day weekend?

P.S. There was a police officer who watched me take these pictures… oh the pressure!!! lol!!!

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Target
Shoes: Liliana (ebay seller)
Vest & Flower: Dots
Necklace/Bracelet: Wal-mart
Earrings: Beauty Supply



Raven Williams said...

Hello, I often time read your blog and I find you quite inspiring miss. I love your natural hair and you always exude confidence so well.While reading I couldn't help but feel something for your son because I have a brother who has grown with the same behavioral problems. I know he is the way he is because people have failed to have hope in him all of his life. I know what your son needs the most is a mommy that will listen and be there for him. I know you may feel like he is better off on meds but I believe it is important that you talk to him and try to understand where his head is. I can tell by reading your posts that you have deep concerns for your children and I know that you would never give up on him, and believe it or not, if you stay by his side,he will appreciate it. It is through your love and support that your son will grow to appreciate the things you are doing for him. Just continue to be his biggest fan and don't loose patience. I pray for you and wish you the best. 

God is only putting you through this storm because he knows you will make it out.
He never puts you through things you can't handle

From human to human and as all humans should, I feel compassion for you and SERIOUSLY wish you the best.


Fatheffalump said...

I'm sorry that you're having tough times with your son at the moment.  I hope things turn for the better ASAP.

But on the bright side, you're totally rocking that hot pink!

QueenDiva said...

Thank you. I tell him all the time that I'm here for him when he wants to bounce ideas off someone. I believe he can beat this. And for the longest time I allowed him to be unmededicated because I thought he could control it on his own. Now I realize that it's too hard for him. He has indicated it himself. So one more year to control his symptopms and then we'll try again on his 16th birthdy.

QueenDiva said...

Thanks so much (on both). I do love this dress... it's like wearing a nightgown... like seriously!!

Kim Weezy said...

Things will get better.  Believe that and know it.  There is no rainbow without the rain. 

Chloe said...

Great blog. I wanted to offer some suggestions for your son. He should be on a high protein diet, drop the sugar and carbs and increase his omega-3. Also make sure he gets at least 7 hours of sleep, learn deep breathing exercises and also gets in 20-30 minutes of physical exercise daily. Good Luck.

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