Thursday, May 26, 2011

Diva Spotlight: Yari

I have a friend that I met through BBM (blackberry messenger). She is awesome and sweet and I’ve only met her once in person that was in passing at the mall. She knew my face just from the tiny picture in BBM and my blog. Gotta love that!! Considering my blind self had no idea who she was… I still can’t believe that I was clueless. So the other day… when she posted this great picture of her looking Spring Awesome… I told her that she was going to be a Diva Spotlight (I didn’t ask). She gave me the information needed… so…

Here she is… Diva Yari!!!


Dress:Target, Shoes: ShoeCarnival, Purse:Ross, Earrings: Forever21

In her own words: I felt like a diva in this pic because I was out having fun with my friends, without a care in the world! I also wanted to say thank you for choosing me and I hope everyone continues to read your wonderful blog!

Isn’t she adorable? Leave comments telling her how much you love her look and fabulous confidence too! If you want to be the next Diva to be Spotlighted!!! Send me an email for more information

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