Sunday, May 22, 2011

DOTD: It’s Gonna Be Alright

Today I went to church as per normal. I took the kids with me as the husband was working so he couldn’t use the time to spend with them. I hate to take time away from him… but Summer Sunday School is about to start and I think that would be much more beneficial for my kids than sitting in McDonalds with their weekend Dad while he tries to pretend all is okay. Plus my girls really enjoy dressing up and going to church. My son, who could use far more church time than the rest of us… always tries to find an excuse for why he can't go… that of course NEVER works.

As for my title today, I had been having a hard time lately. It’s getting harder knowing that my finances are non-existent… but today when leaving church my Pastor hugged me and whispered in my ear “I know it’s been hard, but it’s going to be alright”. I started to cry. Because it’s like he saw everything I’ve been through in the last 3 weeks. He could be reading my blog, but I seriously doubt it. Even so, the words spoke volumes to me. And I do know it will be alright. God has made a way out of no way thus far. He will continue to work great things in my life going forward. Now if I could just stop cussing full stop. Because sometimes… I have such a potty mouth. And that is the hardest thing to stop doing. It’s like I have Tourette's. I will drop an F-bomb with a quickness when things are extremely upsetting. Now once I stop doing that. Maybe people will see the new me. I tried saying Shut The Front Door the other day… my kids laughed for a solid 20 minutes. I thought they would never stop laughing. LOL!!

Before I do the outfit… I will leave you with this. As women we sometimes fish for compliments. You have to be careful what you ask. I asked a long time friend how I looked today, assuming the answer would be flattering… I was sadly mistaken. He told me I needed to exercise and my dress would look better. Deflated that balloon quickly. Won’t be fishing for compliments anytime soon… LMAO… that’s what I get… should’ve know better. Do you fish for compliments when you think you look great? Have you ever had the air let out of your head as quickly as I did? What do you think of this Dressbarn dress that I’ve had FOREVER?!

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Dressbarn
Brown tank: Wal-mart
Shoes: Bakers Shoes
Necklaces: Different Locations
Ring: Flea Market:
Bracelet: Birthday Gift
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Flower: Dots


Below see how my girls looked for church… Mari didn’t want to smile in the photos so her sister held her face into a smile… I thought that was adorable. My son is a teenager and wanted nothing to do with having his photo taken.

Both their dresses are from Wal-mart


goldnglitters said...

It will be alright! U and the kids look great! Keep your head up

Beatrice said...

Your girls are adorable.

Nekiah said...

 Your girls are so beautiful! Awe. I love seeing little girls dressed up! I love your wedges girl. I really don't fish for compliments mainly because I really don't give a hoot if anyone likes what I'm wearing because I DO!! lol

Kurve' said...

loving that dress and your beautiful blog!! Have a blessed day!! and those girls are so ca-yute!!!


Mia Newman said...

LOL!!! Yess girl, I have fished and the result was heart breaking...but i guess that's what we get, when we think more highly of ourselves than we should.  Your Pastor told you the truth, as long as you trust God with your wholeheart, EVERYTHING will be alright.  Read Jer. 29:11 and know that your are God's masterpiece and he created you to do great things and live a great life.  Love You!!

Digal704 said...

Sorry that person felt the need to say what was said. If you feel good that's all that matters!

myloverswife said...

How rude...we could all use a little exercise from time to time. I think the dress looks fine. I love Dressbarn! I like your site as well. I need step up my wardrobe. Your shoe game is on point!!

Dominique Dinsmore said...

I heard that...It's gonna be alright and God will always make a way. You  and your daughters look fab. Wow,well I guess that's your friends way of keeping it real. Honesty is a beast isn't it. It's like you want to hear the truth but when you get the truth it crushes you a bit. I never fish for compliments because I'm not out to please anyone but myself. I mean don't get me wrong I like hearing that I look good but that doesn't make or break me. My thing is if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. Girl, don't let that comment get you down. You still look good. Who doesn't need a little exercise. I know I do. I took my boys on a 1 mile nature walk the other day and dang near passed out (I know I'm out of shape-LOL). 

Chubby Girls Rock!!!


Maria said...

It's good to know that you're staying positive throughout all this. It's a difficult transition, but you're a strong woman and you'll emerge renewed and even stronger from all your troubles. Believe me, I've had some major struggles myself lately, but it's always best to pick ourselves up and wear a pretty dress when we feel down. At least you always look great!  And don't even worry about what that guy said about exercising, it's all about how we carry ourselves anyway.

Jennifer/Jasifer said...

You look so summer fresh in this outfit, love it! The dress together with the white wedges, perfection! ;) hope you have a great day! The girls look really cute too! <3

Rethabile Setai said...

you have beautiful girls, a true blessing. Love the dress too.

Crystal said...

 Absolutely Stunning ! ....

Kenyetta said...

it will be alright! keep your head held high! you look fab your girls look adorable!

Fatheffalump said...

Meh, hang what anyone else says - wear what makes you happy and feel good and it shines through.

But for what it's worth - this outfit is gorgeous.  And your wee girls are so adorable!

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