Sunday, May 15, 2011

DOTD: The Reason For My Style

Today I had an opportunity to give my testimony to a fellow church member. I told her how during the past few weeks I didn’t know how I would feed my children. How I didn’t know how I was going to pay my rent. And how I was at the lowest point of my life. And that when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, I was blessed by some very serious help. I am still not out of the water. I have to pay my truck and some other bills to be free of stress but I am truly at a place that I know it will all work out. But what made me want to share this here is that when I told her that she said, “But you always look so nice when you come to church” and I realize that is one reason I have a hard time convincing people that I am having hard times. What people need to know about me is this… I wear my style and fashion as my armor. I wear my clothing with pride because it makes me feel strong and able to combat whatever the world throws at me. Yes I am like a drop in the bucket from being homeless, but should I dress like I am destitute? Is it my job to prove to the world what I know is truth? I have to dress down in order to show my financial status? Really?!! Where they do that at?

So my friend sent me a text saying she needed me to pray for her because she was feeling guilty for feeling pretty today. She needed my proud-to-be-a-diva juice. I replied, “My style & your beauty is our armor for God. Wear it proud diva. No matter what!!” I believe that wholeheartedly. I think that God doesn’t say we have to dress like paupers in order to be good Christians. I for a fact know that ain’t true because I have YET to go to church and see the first lady of the church looking like a hot mess. My first lady is FABULOUS!!! Ya heard me?!!! She has on a fabulous suit, shoes, and matching hat every Sunday. She is a Diva with a capital “D”. But she wears her clothing and her faith with pride.

I think we all Christians and non-Christians… really need to stop judging peoples situation by the clothing on their backs. I know wealthy folks with a full wardrobe of track suits. And I know some folks who are on food stamps who dress like they work with Donald Trump. It’s really all about what you feel comfortable in and what armor (clothing) you need in order to combat your day or situation. Okay… I’m over my rant now. I hope that if you were maybe feeling guilty for looking nice or caring about your appearance… DON’T!!! It doesn’t make you vain, conceited, or an egomaniac. It makes you a person who cares what you reflect out into the world. I hope this post helps someone… if you need a chuckle and haven’t read my previous post… read it HERE


Please note: I was going to wear this as a dress this morning… but when I got dressed… I realized I would get the “church frown” if I wore this short dress to church. Don’t be surprised if I wear it as a dress in August (it gets really HOT here). I added the pants and don’t regret it at all… loved how it turned out! What do you think?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress/Tunic: Pure Energy (Target)
Pants: Torrid (purchased through fatshionxchange)
Tank: Wal-mart
Shoes: Shoedazzle (gifted by my mom)
Rings: Flea Market
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Flower: Dots
Anklet: gift from mom



Kim said...

Your post made me cry. Be blessed!

Digal704 said...

Love the shoes!

Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

 You are so on---- we aren't meant to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves!!!!

Oh and your shoes are great!!!!

Jill Murrin said...

 LOVE those shoes!

Case said...

 The dress is look beautiful and you are so inspiring!:)

Just Daisy said...

This is the cutest damn outfit I've ever seen those orange wedges are stellar! Are they comfy because you look so flawless in them girl <33

QueenDiva said...

 Aww!! Thanks!!

QueenDiva said...

Thanks... those shoes are awesome... I think I love them most of all (this week) 

QueenDiva said...

Thanks Alexis!!! :) 

QueenDiva said...

love those shoes too!! Shoedazzle is my shoe home!! lol 

QueenDiva said...

 Thanks! To hear I'm inspiring just makes my day!!

QueenDiva said...

Yes... at first they weren't comfy... but now they most certainly are!! Had to break em in first lol 

Stylechic360 said...

Those shoes are magnificent you look fab!

Stylechic360 said...

Thank you for following my blog...don't be a stranger!

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