Sunday, May 15, 2011

DOTN: Crazy as a fruit bat

I am writing this after coming home from a much needed night out. It was on the dime of a friend of mine but the best part was that I got an ego boost that I so desperately needed. When you are going through the end of a relationship you do doubt your ability to attract the opposite sex. And I was no different... until tonight.

So… first when getting to the bar/club there were only a few people there and they had the heat set on Haiti. It was bananas hot in there. When they finally realized they were baking people like turkeys and fixed the temp the night really started to take off. I find in Latin bars that the men are always excited to find out that I speak Spanish and then want to kick up a conversation. So I met some really cool men tonight but with no desire to see them again… because let’s be real… no good relationship is going to start there. So I had a man completely pour his beer on me and then as way of an apology he bought me a rose. and another drink. You could tell he felt awful… and I didn’t make a big deal about it (come to find out it was like a drink spilling epidemic tonight). So later I started talking to another guy and he was nice and while trying to talk to me, he knocked over my drink. All over my red velvet booties (I checked and they appear fine… I’ll know for sure in the morning). He bought me another drink and the night continued on fine with me dancing and enjoying myself at will.

Then just the last 45 minutes before leaving, all the SHYTE hit the fan… this dude… this crazy effin dude goes to the bathroom. While he is in the bathroom, some dude asks his girl to dance. He comes back and flips out and snaps her phone in half and starts screaming obscenities at her on the dance floor. I guess the guy she was dancing with felt bad, so he bought her a rose also. They stayed on the dance floor while crazy dude went ape shit bananas waiting for her to return. When she returned, she sat next to me and tried to avoid the eye of crazy dude but asked the bartender for her phone (not knowing that nutjob had the fragmented pieces in his pocket). Just when I thought it was going to be okay, he walks over to her, puts his arm around her shoulder and whispers something in her ear. She says something back in return… his reply… WAIT FOR IT… was to POUR HIS ENTIRE BEER OVER HER HEAD!!!!! That’s right…. me and the gentleman I was talking to, got beer splattered as this jackass decided to douse his girlfriend in BEER!!! It took the holy hold of Jesus to keep me from punching this douchebag in the FACE!!! Me being the potstirrer I am, I went to security to let them know this dude was clearly off his meds and needed to be kicked the hell out. Best part… he knows the owner… so he got a pass. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! He gets to be the exact example of how NOT to act in a bar/club… and he gets to stay. I wish I knew what he was driving he would have come out to 4 flat & completely shredded tires. Best part is that the guy I was talking to bought this beer drenched lady and her female friend a beer and told them to be careful getting home and he walked me to my car. I wished I had a domestic abuse card in my purse I would have given her one. He was clearly a step away from beating that woman in public. So so sad….

So that was my night out… it was great and eventful and fun and crazy and empowering all at the same time… When was the last time you went out and let your hair down? Have you ever experienced anything like the above?

Now onto the the fashion!!!!

Outfit Breakdown:
Red Top: Dots
Cami: Wal-mart
Striped Mini Skirt: Sizes to Fit 
Tights: Silkies 
Booties: Qupid (ebay)


Sorry… this was the only opportunity I had to take pictures… lol

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