Saturday, May 28, 2011

DOTD: Sweetest Thing

Today was a day I needed. I needed a day sans drama where I could let my windows down in my truck and let the wind blow through my hair. I am still on the search for a white dress for FFFWeek & I don’t know how I will do this… as I mentioned before… not a fan of white. Anyway… Didn’t find anything. I didn’t really put much effort into looking either. I was a little distracted by the sun, the breeze, and my cup of Agua de Sandia (Watermelon Water… the best thing at my local Mexican restaurant…. YUMMMM!!)

Today was an awesome day. Not that it’s over. I plan to complete it with a glass of Moscato and some good movies on TV and some fashion inspiration on my laptop. I have so many ideas on what I want to pack and take with me. I also know what I want to wear before I leave. And what I would love to find while there. So much excitement for my NYC trip.

But this is Memorial Day Weekend. I hope you all enjoy the weather, the barbecues and the day off. I noticed that of my favorite blogs… only a few have been blogging in the last few weeks. I guess that explains why my numbers are doing so well. I hope that my fellow bloggers are doing well and that they aren’t blogging because they are so busy enjoying life to update a blog. But I have nothing else going on… soooooo…. ummm… *giggles*. I also updated my BlogRoll in the side panel and tried to include some new blogs I found. If your blog isn’t there… let me know… it was an oversight. I want to include all who have contacted me. *Smiles*

Now… I ask… What do you think of today’s casual look?

Outfit Breakdown:
Wifebeater: Hanes (Target)
Vest: Ashley Stewart
MiniSkirt: WetSeal
Shoes: Payless
Ring/Bracelets: Torrid 
“Sexy” Earrings: Beauty Supply
Flower: Target




Mia Newman said...

you look so beautiful...i absolutely love that skirt!! enjoy the rest of your weekend <3

Denise Martinez said...

Ahhhh I love purple on you, that skirt is bangin' too!! your earrings too!


Kurve' said...

i love purple..period...cute flower..nice post!!

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