Monday, May 16, 2011

DOTD: Just Chillaxin’

Today I wanted to chill and get rid of this cold I’ve been nursing for days. So I decided it was better if I just put on something that was casual and fun. What is more fun than a Fraggle Rock tee? I mean I LOVED that show when I was younger. I watched it recently on Netflix and it was funny because it is sooooo cheesy, but I have to admit, the songs are infectious.

Isn’t it funny how much things have changed? When my kids love shows that are borderline adult content and have phrases that kids probably shouldn’t ever repeat. And shows like Southpark, Family Guy, and The Simpsons are the top rated cartoons in America. It makes me yearn for the days when Fraggle Rock, The Muppets, and Thundercats were the most “edgy” kids shows out there. And the only time you had to worry about what you were watching is when they would do a risky “After School Special”. As a parent, it sometimes saddens me how nothing is risky anymore. Even Spongebob crosses the line on occasion. When my daughter saw my tee today, she asked me what it was about. So now I want her to experience Fraggle Rock and will make a point to show her how shows USED to be. Are there any shows that you want your kids to experience before shows today get too out of hand? What is your favorite kids show of your youth? What do you think of today’s casual outfit?

Outfit Breakdown:
Fraggle Rock Tee: Target
Denim Capris: Loop18 
Vest: Ashley Stewart 
Shoes: Paprika (ebay)
Earrings: Beauty Supply


Close-up of tee:

fraggle rock


Veronica Williams said...

Oh SNAP I want that shirt!

Sheva Ahouanan said...

 LOve your smile
kiss from France

QueenDiva said...

Thanks so much Sheva!! 

QueenDiva said...

Fraggle Rock is the best show of my youth!!!

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