Monday, June 06, 2011

DOTD: If Drama Was Dollar Bills

Yep, if I had as much money as I have drama in my life… I would be rich. Seriously… I am super excited about Full Figure Fashion Week because it will be a much needed vacation from my life. Everyday is something else… No need to bring it up. It’s the same old stuff I always deal with… no job, hubby, teenage son, and financial issues. So life is what it is… can’t fix it over night… so currently I am going to pretend like everything is peachy keen.

Today’s outfit is because I have this shirt for ever. And I never know how to wear it because it’s so big and if I wear it with big bottoms I look huge and sloppy. So I figured a snug form fitting bottom would bring it all together. I really like how it turned out. Not to mention my shoes are gray with pink bottoms… TOO CUTE!!!

I know I always end with a question… but I am so drawing a blank from lack of sleep (if you look at the pics with no sunglasses you can see I’m not lying). So…. ummmm…. thinking….. oooooh… got it!!
What summer time shows do you watch? Are you a Drop Dead Diva fan? What do you think about today’s outfit?

Outfit Breakdown:
Striped Top: Dots
Denim Pencil Skirt: Torrid
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Shoes: Shoedazzle 
D&G Sunglasses: Flea Market



Lyddiegal said...

that is such a fun top - it looks fantastic paired with the pencil skirt!

kward905 said...

Yeah, this outfit is totally cute! Sorry about all the drama! We'll paint the town red when we get to NYC! The Friday night event sold out already, before I was able to get tix. Did you get tickets for that one?

Just Daisy said...

yesss to those shoes and that top! #stunning


Jolene said...

Ohhh I agree! This outfit is too cute!!(insert High School girl squeal here!) I think you found the perfect way to wear it!
Sci-Fi type shows for summer here! My hubby has rubbed off on me over the years, can't wait for season premieres of Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven! See a couple game type shows I'm looking forward to checking out too! Not familiar with Drop Dead Diva, heard the name before just don't know what it is.

PCFashionista said...

you look fab as usual.  im so ready for my reality tv show. i love the Kardashians (dont judge!)
and for the drama part... honey im havin my fair share today

Citypoodle said...

That is a perfect outfit!  I want it!  It is a different silhouette than usual and was a pleasant surprise when I went to your page.
Summer TV for me is watching dvd's usually - I'm hooked on Archer.

QueenDiva said...

Okay... first... thanks for the compliment. Second... YAY!!! I thought I was the only one who watched Archer. It is the craziest show and it cracks me the heck up... LOVE IT!!! I watch the previous season on Netflix... always makes my day.

QueenDiva said...

Yeah... if my life was a reality tv show... people would be in shocked by how I haven't lost my mind already. I can't watch the Kardashians because my husband has this deep rooted hatred for Kim. Not anyone else... just her. Now when I see her... I hear all his "drag queen/she's a man" jokes in my head. I do love Jerseylicious though

QueenDiva said...

Okay... love your HS girl squeal. I was in love with Being Human. Other than that... I don't watch much SciFi... but Netflix thinks I will like Eureka... I may give it a try this summer.

QueenDiva said...

thanks love!!

QueenDiva said...

I don't have tix to the Friday event. So either we crash... lol... or find something way more awesome to do as a group.

QueenDiva said...

Coming from an effortlessly awesome Diva like you... that compliment means so much!!

Shasie said...

Cool top! Hope you can stop by my blog and enter my giveaway

My Niqué Cosmetics Giveaway

Julia Smith said...

I love that top!!!!

Carl Papa said...

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