Thursday, June 23, 2011

FFFWeek: Shopping With Friends

I missed the shopping soiree that was hosted by Marie Denee. As did my other 2 of my other roommates. So we went to Brooklyn on our own. Because a trip into NY is not a trip if you don’t venture into re/dress nyc… before I left for New York Lucie Lu sent me this dress to wear during my events. I felt like it was the perfect dress to wear during my city travels.


We left our hotel and first had some breakfast at a diner up the street from our hotel called Tick Tock Diner NY. We went because Karen from Curvy Canadian has a thing for diners. I must admit… I really enjoyed myself. I ordered french toast with bananas… yummmooooo!!!


During the weekend we called Karen, Snow White. Because she’s pale and she would wear red lips and is beautiful like a princess… Don’t you agree…

We got the waiter to take our picture Karen, Sarah (QueenSized Flava), and myself.

We took the subway to Brooklyn… what is funny is it seemed like every time we got ready to take a subway there was drama. We were trying to buy tickets and then this guy tells another guy from India he needs to go back to his country. It was bad because it was clearly a racist comment… but the man who said it also had an accent. As though English was not his first language. So after this incident, we of course remembered him because it was rather irrational that he would tell someone to return to their country. Now the line to buy tickets was ridiculously long. Well, imagine our surprise when “Señor Racist” comes and jumps in front of us in line by saying the guy at the window was his cousin. Did I forget to mention that it was 1000º in the subway and we were sweating and stifled? The guy in line behind us about lost it and I thought there was going to be a fight in the subway. But Señor Racist was all bark and no bite… but the guy in line behind us was a step away from stomping him into the dirt… lmao. Anyway we got on our train and headed to the greatest shopping destination.


I think we were in the shop for hours and hours. But it was amazing. We ended staying until an event they were hosting at 6pm. It was a preview of Sweetooth Couture because they would be walking the runway during the finale. I wasn’t sure it was my style… but what the hell. I love her. I want everything she makes now. I also saw two ladies that I remember from Fashionista! on livejournal and I’m just sick that the photo came out so blurry


Sarah in a Sweetooth Couture dress she tried on and bought.

Sarah and Rachel, the designer of Sweetooth Couture, were fighting over this skirt… it was going to debut at the finale event and we wanted it then. I ordered one though!!

This is Tangerine Jones… fabulous in every way!! She is my burlesque bestie!!!

I totally fell in love with this skirt. Also put this on my order form… Oh YEAH!!!

I can’t believe this picture came out blurry… GRRRRR!


My roomies again (with a wardrobe change by Karen)

Me again!!
Dress: Lucie Lu
Shoes: Impo (Off Broadway)
Bangles: Ashley Stewart
Earrings: Beauty Supply

Have you ever been to re/dress nyc? Do you have a favorite plus size thrift to shop?

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