Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I Feel Most Beautiful When…

I was tagged in this a long time ago. And to be honest… I totally missed it. So I think as I was having a not-so-beautiful moment recently… that I needed to complete this to remind myself that no matter what someone does to you… You’re still beautiful. My husband is not making me feel beautiful. I’m getting completely ignored by the opposite sex. And then I got the “you’re not thin cute enough to be around my friends” thing that happened to me over the weekend. So I was having a crisis of… beauty. Voluptuous Vixen created this on her blog and her original post can be found HERE.

most beaut

The rules are as follows:
1. You state the time/s when you feel most beautiful.
2. You tag 10 beautiful bloggers.
3. You tell the bloggers about the project.
I hope everyone will join and enjoy this project as much as I did.

Here's my version;
I feel most beautiful when;
1. When I am naked. Especially in the shower and I have to trace my entire body with soap. Then directly after when I have to apply the necessary oils to my skin in the mirror, I am reminded that my body is what men in the past considered sexy and voluptuous.

2. I also feel sexy when I dance salsa/bachata/merengue in stilettos. My body moves to the rhythm and I imagine all eyes in the room are on me and they are wondering who I am, and who is the lucky man who has me.

3. When I have a great makeup day. When the colors blend and everything comes together like perfection. These days are usually accidental because I fumbled onto a good makeup application. But I enjoy it as long as its on my face.

4. When my followers/readers get what I was trying to do with a particular outfit or I get a random compliment on the street. It’s not to be vain but because someone is acknowledging the effort I put into that particular outfit.

5. When my kids tell me I look nice. Because kids are brutally honest, and if they say I look nice… that has to mean they aren’t holding back… right? Anyway… when they say it… it’s with such enthusiasm… I carry it with me all day.

6. I also feel beautiful when I win at something. When I complete a task or do something that is awesome. Moments like that make me stop, look in the mirror, smile, and tell myself… JOB WELL DONE PRETTY LADY!!!

Tagged blogs:
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2. Karen of Curvy Canadian
5. BJ of The Busty Traveler
6. Patrice of Im Just Me
7. Denise of Loca
8. Jessica of Chic in Every City
9. Beatrice of One More Curve
10. Rebecca of theplussideofme



Rethabile Setai said...

Thanks for taking part girl! I LOVE your take on it!

theplussideofme said...

I really love this! Everyone has different moments when we feel beautiful, and I love yours. I can especially relate to #2. Any moment that I'm immersed in some sort of art, I feel beautiful. I'll definitely carry on this post soon!!

Denise Martinez said...

Oh Awesome!!  Thanks so much.  I will put this together and post it up soon!


Nekiah said...

Awe...thank you so much for the award!! I am so honored! Kiah

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