Tuesday, June 14, 2011

DOTD: Intolerable Cruelty

Being separated sucks… (yeah that again). But today I watched the movie “Intolerable Cruelty” and it was a farce about divorce and true love. After watching it… I really could have used a cuddle. Who am I kidding… I could use a cuddle every day. And no… cuddle is not code for sex… when I’m laying day… I love being spooned. It makes me feel safe and protected. Anyway… it’s moments like those that make being separated kinda sucky… but… NY will fix all that. I finally finished packing… So… I’m in the best mood!!! Man… it was so hard picking what I was going to wear. But I think I made great choices. Wish I had time for a pedicure because I have some sandals I want to wear but my dogs are atrocious.

So I wanted to let you know I will try and blog from NY. But if I am unable, know that this will be my last outfit post until my return but I will make up for it when I get back. But if I have wifi in my hotel room… I will update as we go along (as much as possible)… 

So tomorrow I will be in full fledged get packed and ready mode. I have to do some last minute laundry, pack the remaining items, give myself a home pedicure, and buy a few items (like flowers that match my outfits). I am super excited. And I can’t believe that I’m this ready 2 days before I leave. Usually I’m scrambling last minute to get everything together. Anyway… today was the most comfy outfit to date… but I felt so chic and trendy. I know… I say that a lot… but this outfit was completely accidental. As was my makeup. Yay!!! for accidents!! What do you think of today’s outfit? Would you wear it? Will you miss me if I can’t blog in NY?

Outfit Breakdown:
White tank: Hanes (men’s wifebeater)
Right Fit Jeans: Lane Bryant 
Gray Blazer: Forever21+
Shoes: BCBG (no clue when or where I bought them)
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Ring: Flea Market
Flower: Dots


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