Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FFFWeek: Lane Bryant Blogger Conference

I can’t believe that God blessed me to be able to attend Full Figure Fashion Week®. And as you know I want to give you play by play and to be as honest about what I experienced so you feel like you were there.

My first event (although I arrived late because of my transportation) was the Lane Bryant Blogger Conference. I missed the beginning but below you will see my pictures from the event. Now when I arrived, I arrived after the lunch break and they began with discussing the fit of their clothing. They explained that for jeans there should be a U shape. I will do a YouTube video later to explain that better as opposed to just writing it.

The conference was great but I am a little concerned that they seemed to not want to market using fuller figured models. Which I can understand from a business standpoint. But from a fatshionista standpoint… I feel a little upset because I don’t “aspire” to be the size of the girls in their ads. I am at my size and if I get bigger… fine. And if I get smaller that is fine as well. But it would be nice to see more models that look like me.

The highlight for me was the T3 jeans (Tighter Tummy Technology®) and I want a pair so badly. I was unable to win a pair so I will be using the $50 gift card they gave us to buy a pair later. OH YEAH!!!

Lane Bryant gave this blogger a makeover. She looked AMAZING!!!

T3 future ad!! Smoking hot… right?

You will find that because I desperately need a new lens on my camera, that I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have had I been able to purchase the lens I had hoped to purchase. But know I will still try to get you the feel of my fffweek experience.

After I left the Lane Bryant Blogger Conference, my roomates and I were finally able to check into our room… Awesome room!!


We hurriedly got dressed for the white party that I will post for you tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed the first installment



Jessica Fleischer said...

LOVE IT!! our hotel rom looks so neat and beautiful haha! we should have done a before and after of that as well LOL!

besos y abrazos mi amor!
- "giselle"

Mia Newman said...

that room looks AMAZING!!!  BTW...Congratulations on your new job!!!

LaCara said...

Hmmmm I agree with you, it would be nice to see fuller models being used instead of the standard 12-16. I can't wait to see your video, so you can explain LB's idea behind their new jeans. And you were living the life! Your hotel room is beautiful!!

yaqueen14 said...

I totally agree with you about the size of the models used in most plus size ad campaigns and hope that it was raised in some of the panel discussions.  Nice outfit and CONGRATULATIONS on the new job! 

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