Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DOTD: Longest Day

I read somewhere (twitter or Facebook) that today was the longest day of the year. I believe that even if it isn’t true. Why? Because today seemed to go on FOREVER. My job isn’t terribly stressful. It isn’t terribly difficult… but today seemed to move in slow motion. I felt like it was never ending. But despite my exhaustion… I still was able to take some photos.

The highlight of my day… my internet is back up and running… YAY!!!!

So today’s outfit was a last minute accident. I wanted to wear jeans and be comfortable but to have fun with it. I am not a huge fan of my makeup. I think it looked better in my head than in photographs. I love how the necklace I received in FFFWeek matches that of the earrings that I had previously purchased from the beauty supply.

Fun fact about this outfit/photo-shoot: my shoes are literally falling apart as I take these pics. I had to come home and throw those shoes in the trash. Seriously. Also, in the picture where my arms are on the beams… I look up and see…. A ginormous spider…no more pics in that location… lol.

Do you ever take pictures that you wish people could see all that occurred to get the shot? Was today as long for you as it was for me?

Outfit Breakdown: 
Stripe Top: Dots
Graduate Skinny Jeans: Torrid
Shoes: Payless (2 years ago… they died today… may they RIP)
Earrings: Beauty Supply
Necklace: Ashley Stewart – gifted (fffweek)
Belt: Flea Market
Flower: Target


I just spotted the spider… YIKES!!!


Jolene said...

Love it! You make them jeans look good!! Love the drapy sleeves on the top too.

ewww about the spider, I would freak too, I can handle some little spiders even though I don't like them, but the big juicy ones better stay the frick away from me!

Today wasn't that long for me LOL,(though it was actually the longest day because it was the first day of summer) but then again when you go to bed usually between 4 and 6am sometime and wake up at noon or later, well you've already missed a bunch of the sunlight so the day just doesn't seem that long. It actually flew by for me, I keep saying the kids need to start getting to bed by 10 and before I knew it the clock said it was 11:30! Damn days go too fast for me!

purplekeychain said...

Love the outfit. Congrats on the new job!

QueenDiva said...

lucky for your fast days... today was MUCH better... as for spiders... i get itchy just thinking about them... ewww...

QueenDiva said...

Thanks :)

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