Saturday, June 04, 2011

DOTD: Varying Shades of Blue

Today I have on like 4 shades of blue with a black/white backdrop. I wasn’t going to put much effort into my look today but yesterday I had a little blow to my ego so I needed a attitude pick me up. I went to a model call yesterday. My first one for a mixed runway show. And I wasn’t picked. At all!!! Seriously… today I’m okay with it. But yesterday, it bothered me in a different kind of way. There were only a few plus sized women. And it kinda sucked that I didn’t make the cut. But that was yesterday… today… I’m just about over it. How am I over it so quickly? This blog…

On my post on Wednesday… I realized something very important. I have the best readers in the UNIVERSE. I know you all don’t comment on each post… which is fine… but when you do comment… omg… you guys literally blow my mind!! I could be knee deep in an argument with the husband and I’ll check my email on my blackberry… and there will be a comment from one of my fabulosa readers and because of that… I will instantly feel alive and happy. You guys… are amazing… and if you don’t hear that enough… that is how I feel. I try to comment back to most of your comments… but you do know my mind is made of goo and sludge and that as quickly as its in my mind… just as quickly it disappears. So if I don’t reply back… it’s not for lack of wanting to. Its because I undoubtedly started to comment back but was distracted by something shiny.  Was that too gooey and emotional for you guys? If not… let’s add… I lovey wovey you!!! *smooooooches* LOL!!! (please don’t hold my ridiculous against me… I’m a little high on allergy meds)

Speaking of allergies, if you look closely at some of my pics… you can see my eyes drooping. I look like I’ve had a stroke. I LOVE this time of year. Seriously. How can I not… dresses (maxi & non-maxi), sandals, pedicures (I currently do my own), and showing skin (I’m a nudist at heart… lol). But I hate my allergies. They make my eyes, skin, and throat all itchy. And now I’m on 3 different meds in order to function. However, I try to only take all 3 on really bad days (like today). Cause when I take them… I feel loopy… and goofy… gloopfy LMAO!!! So keep this in mind if any of my posts don’t make sense. How is your weekend going? As a reader, do you know how much I appreciate and value you? How did I do on this outfit?

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress: Pure Energy (Target)
Tank: Wal-mart
Shoes: Steve Madden 
Denim Vest: Curve Appeal Consignment 
Earrings/Ring: Beauty Supply
Sunglasses: Flea Market


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